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alex-daz Aug 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Can you please submit Lalia Lapses Pt 7 in the CCgroup again?
Thank you :)
Can't wait to see the next part! 
I'd love to see more, haha. How you doing man?
Great stories. :-) :+devwatch:
This is truly incredible, and completely in what I've always considered to be the true spirit of craving control. You've certainly perfectly captured the voice of Lalia and the feel of the comic; I really hope you continue.

One pernickity points, though:in Part 3, Jane says 'How is all that weight always gathers almost exclusively about her torso?' But by the end of her voyage in the Lap of Luxury, this wasn't quite true: she was clearly thicker all round (and must surely have gone up at least one cup size), which was a mighty concession to realism.

Don't get me wrong – I've always been a fan of Lalia losing all the weight she gained, her silhouette getting even more dramatically feminine. But the weight loss is best contrasted with the (realistic) weight gain. [Which is not to say that the level of weight gain was or should have been realistic – the superhuman metabolism was clearly a big pull – 'Think I keep a flat stomach like this with your kind of flaccid self-control?' – so it wouldn't be at all out of the spirit of CC if Lalia gained no weight whatever from this 'lapse']
Hi OmniDuck, thanks for the great feedback. The part to which you refer was actually intended to illustrate that Lalia had indeed gained weight, which had stuck. Jane's comment is meant to suggest that the weight goes "almost exclusively" to her torso - meaning her front, being belly and boobs, with the "almost" implying that the weight distributed itself elsewhere too, just not nearly in so dramatic a fashion. Lalia's weight loss prior to the commencement of this story was a reaction to her having actually genuinely gained a lot of weight following an extended period of intense daily binging. Apologies if this wasn't clear.
Love the story so far. Well paced and very well written. Here's hoping you continue!
AnneMarie1986 Jun 5, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Keep up the work! *Thumbs up!*
Thanks so much Duzty! Thanks for reading!
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